PIC18Fxxx Microcontrollers and Forth

RAM Technology Systems has developed an embedded multi-tasking Forth Interactive Remote Target Compiler for the PIC18Fxxx microcontroller family.

This is a subroutine threaded Forth with native code and optimisation. There is very little overhead as there is no Forth kernel, only a small Target Link Monitor in the Boot space, a Library supplies those Forth words required by the application. Many words, like AND, OR, + etc. create in-line code with no CALL/RCALL...RETURN to speed up the overall performance. This is a full 16 bit Forth with definable Data and Return stack depths. The multi-tasking kernel in the TLM is a co-operative round-robin that places little overhead on the CPU. The IRTC is supplied with .INI files to characterise the PIC device being used and the Target configuration.

Via the TLM and a modified serial programmer, IRTC allows a Forth application to be interactively developed. IRTC transparently switches from PIC programming to Forth development and back. All the PIC resources may be viewed and modified from the command line. File RAM and code may be dumped also the code may be dissembled. Forth definitions may be entered on the command line and then immediately executed. Interrupts may be coded and initialized directly with vectors stored in RAM allowing several tries as the code is developed without erasing.

The host for IRTC is Win32Forth by Tom Zimmer and associates. This is a full 32bit ANSI Forth for Windows95 up. You will need Win32For V4.2 if you do not have it already, click here ( 1.4Mb)

The draft IRTC manual is available in Zipped HTML format by clicking here (PIC18FMAN.ZIP 69K)

To order the full system plus a 3-5V ISP click here.